Hueskinb is a body care brand tailored precisely for women of color and, most importantly, by women of color. We know that every woman needs to have that perfect, glowing, and healthy skin; a woman of color has, for a long time, not had an easy time getting the ideal product to complement her complexion. When you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, quite literally too, it can affect you both physically and emotionally. Therefore, we decided to offer woman of color a quality brand to cater to all her skincare demands. When you finally feel comfortable in your own skin, everything in your life feels possible; it is like refreshing energy in your life.


Our mission is to provide the best skincare products for women of color. We are highly committed to filling the gap where women of color find themselves in tight spots doing everything humanly possible to get the ideal solution to their skin problems. Hueskinb is passionate about reminding women of color that they deserve the best skincare products for their complexion, while adding luxury to the experience.

Established SPRING 2021

As a woman of color, taking good care of your skin can be a huge challenge at times; Hueskinb is here to make this process seamless and fruitful for you. It is a brand specially made for women of color and, most significantly, by women of color. The consideration and inclusion of the colored skin tone across the beauty and cosmetic industry is a long-awaited and highly embraced transformation. The simple fact is that as a woman of color, you have a significant amount of melanin on your skin and a particular set of complexities when trying to maintain or achieve that even-toned, spots-free, and brightened complexion. These are among the few roadblocks we stumble upon, and we frequently need to create routines that may or may not bring us closer to success. We, therefore, spend a significant percentage of our finances in the process of trial and error in attempting to get the perfect solution. 


Oils give your skin something that other moisturizing products can’t, specifically that healthy sparkle a lot of people desire. What’s more, it’s a magnificent method to take out dryness, regardless of whether you use it solo or in combo with a moisturizer or cream. We provide our clients with an array of oils depending on your skin types. For example, our anti-aging oils have a wide cluster of protective antioxidants and vitamins from the plant-based oil that rejuvenates your skin as well as preventing wrinkles from forms, thus giving you a youthful look. Besides, we offer our esteemed customers an assortment of natural oils that are packed with different ingredients such as coconut, for individuals with dry skin to enhance their skin’s natural moisture levels and elasticity.


Our wide range of butters goal is to enhance your skin by moisturizing it hence giving you a natural glowing appearance. For instance, our shea butter product is prestigious for its anti-aging properties hence giving you a firm look, as well as preventing stretch marks and reducing wrinkles by moisturizing. Shea Butter contains Cinnamic Acid that shields the skin from harmful UV beams. Likewise, our organic cocoa butter is essential for softening skin, preventing stretch marks, and healing scars and discoloration, thus giving your skin an even tone, as well as making it spots-free.


At Hueskinb, we have unique and luxurious body care systems specially made for women of color to meet your skin care needs. Nevertheless, our body care systems are aimed at rejuvenating your skin and face, thereby providing your skin with an awesome vibrant glow. While training your skin over time.



Hueskinb is a body care brand that is specifically created for women of color and is dedicated to offering you as a woman the best beauty products for your skin. Nevertheless, we aim at assisting women of color to naturally correct their skin imperfections hence, giving them an even-toned, blemish-free, and vibrant complexion. Our work is to provide our women of color with an array of skincare products as well as body care routine tips and tricks to enable them to attain their desirable personal skincare goals. As a result, we have a wide range of products at our disposal for you that will enhance your look, some of which are listed below.


Our Products

Hueskinb offers you an assortment of merchandise products available for sale. Nonetheless, our esteemed clients can access and make purchases of various products of their choice on our website. 


Body Care Tools

At Hueskinb, we provide women of color with various body care tools for use during their daily/weekly skincare routines. We pride ourselves in offering body care tools that support our treatments and systems that aid in providing & supporting melanin skin a natural, warm and golden glow through skincare routines all year long. Nevertheless, we teach you how to incorporate good skincare practice, that allow women to create an at-home self-care experience.


Vegan Soaps

These natural soaps paired in line with our specially curated  body care products are guaranteed to not only leave you feeling amazing, but also leave your skin looking just as amazing! 



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