A Full Day... Good Energy... Great Focus and Progress

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When I say January has been such a fantastic month thus far, honey, I tell no lies. I have really been zoning in ... intuitively. Really focusing on what's best for me in every way. A few years ago, I use to really have a serious morning routine where I would spend quiet time, meditating, reading and journaling. I can say, that it was a task getting back to practice and prioritizing this routine but thus far, I will celebrate the steps and initiative I've taken thus far in doing so. Its like once I dive in I want to stay in it just brings back memories of how much I use to enjoy the time so much I would rush home from my day job just to be ... to just be with my own energy my own space, to dream to just read and journal my thoughts. It feels like that again, but more intentional and more purposeful. I'm healing in the process as well. Healing the little girl and teenager me, within. Its all healing and I am about that in this season of my life. I have to say, I am grateful for the awareness at this stage as well. It's all in preparation. I also have been addressing my fears and really focusing a lot more of my intuitive learning. Its a journey but again one I am thankful for. At the sometime, I am working on my organization. And getting things in order. I find that its helpful for me to do so before tackling what I need to do. Today I was listening to a video from a YouTube online who provided some great points on how to set this up. I am going to dive in. And just give it a try. This year one thing is for sure, I will be taking a chance on me. I need to explore and simply see what it's like if I remove fear, remove worry and simply lean in. Lean in. You know, I now realize, I understand what my here and now is already. I have been here and done this. But what I find is internally I am craving and have been craving something entirely new. A life that is even more prosperous than the one I live currently. It's time to elevate. Period. The discomfort I am thankful for and the drive to go after my dreams. I know I am here for a reason and I am ready. Thank you most high. 

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