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Today I am thankful. I am thankful for understanding and growth. I really had to take it easy on myself today because I still didn't get done everything that I wanted to, but I did manage to accomplish a lot. I am really honing in on showing up for myself, daily. It's been a process. More specifically creating new routine for myself daily. It's really important to for me now and my future self. This has been my first real week of commitment but as I'm told it takes 21 days to make something a habit and well, so here's where the grace comes in for myself. I have this vision of who I am daily when I show up and I really want to ensure that I am showing up as her daily. I am really working to revamp my entire routine from the time that I wake up until the time I turn in for bed each night. I am welcoming a brand new season into my life. It's a mental shift, a physical and spiritual shift. Its a time where I am questioning my beliefs and challenging those beliefs with new energy new beliefs. So, today as part of my new schedule I am going to cut it short tonight since I am on a roll with these entries. So what's in store for the day ahead, tomorrow I will be attending a 5AM session at the gym. I typically go 3 days a week. Anyway, following the gym, I will be returning home to dress for the day and walk my pup. Following our walk, I will then start my work day. Tomorrow I am going to set up my extra planner and begin carrying them with me to help me stay on track during the day. Tomorrow evening, I will continue working on HUESKINB. We will continue with moving forward with sourcing and research. More to come about that very soon.

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