Happy Friday... Yup another week in the books

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I must open with gratitude. I am so thankful for this season of my life. The excitement of creating and bringing something to the world that started as an idea I am really excited more so about the lives that I hope to touch in a positive way as well as young girls. We need this for us. We aren't told enough to rest. Its so important that young black women can see us as black women resting and taking care ourselves. I realized in my late 20s the power of taking care of myself. I realized just how much better and now looking back how those times really helped me when it came to caring for my skin, my mental health and just general self care.

Today, I manage to start some early spring cleaning. I am going through my clothes I was able to get rid of a few pieces as well as try on and put together a few items which was nice and actually went really well. I am going to continue the process on tomorrow. My goal is to have that done by morning then move on to HUESKINB. I am going to keep it short this evening since I have been up since 3AM. I am committed to remaining consistent with daily entries simply as a form of accountability. 

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