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Today has been good. I have been up since 3am and I can honestly say rising at 3 am each day is beginning to get a lot easier. I am still deciding to be honest, as to what I want to really write about for these blogs but I will be gentle with myself because as I believe that with time it will come. SO lets see what I do want to let you know is that I have officially found our first product that will be offered here on our website as part of our original collection. It's been a time finding the right product and really hunting things down but I refuse to settle. Including here when serving our women. We want to provide the highest quality products. So things are still in the works, but nonetheless, I am thrilled to be bringing and sharing with you all items that you can use to support you in your own luxurious self care journey. We aim to bring the finest of garments and high quality to essentials to women of color around the world. As we are still working and growing, things are beginning to come together. I am just so excited to share my creativity with the world. 

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