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This season of transitioning I understand has nothing to do with anything externally. Life is just doing what it does naturally "life". I am just keeping my mind elevated and focused on myself and my journey as I move through this transitional period. You know its interesting because naturally you know things have to change at some point but you never are given that "heads up when it comes. Its like you literally have to stay ready. But I will say with the emotional ups and downs from this week that I have been facing I am still here present and really focused on all the commitments I've made to myself. I continue to think on the promise that I made to myself. Even during moments of the highs and lows, it really puts things into perspective for me. It also helps that I have something in front of me that I am creating while helping me remain focused on my life and the lives of the women and young girls that I look to help in the future. Sitting here as I am blogging and just thinking how I know its all going to be worth it. I am just thankful for this season of new ideas and having the space to create. I have had some wins in the mist thus far and those wins I am grateful for. Anyway, what are you doing to stay focus today?

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