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Its been a few days. Yes. I know I vowed to blog daily but this was a time that I made an exception. I will be honest, its not like I had not thought about it everyday but I wanted to step away from blogging to start working on a few other important things related to the company and the branding. Its been a lot if I'm honest, but I am beginning to get into the swing of things and really understanding what it means to embrace this journey. A few days ago, I'd come cross this video of someone who was discussing straying and what happens when people stray away from focus on doing the most important things. It really stopped me in my tracks at first I found it a bit discouraging. Granted, at the same time, it made me really look at a lot of the things that I was "scheduling" and doing each day, and made me really assess and refocus my efforts. In that moment, I have to be honest, it really changed my life. Then it clicked, I realize the things I can't do or will take me away from more important things, I need to simply get help and support to cover those things. That may not be at this exact moment, but eventually that will come indeed. So how am I solving this? I am now refocused and diving into my business. Working to learn to understand what will serve you as my customers. Its important that things are really on brand and that we are putting our BEST foot forward. I am also steady working through figuring out what style of scheduling works best for me. So, all in all, things are coming along wonderfully. I feel like I'm learning something new everyday and I am enjoying being my own problem solver.

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