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This week has been a good one. I can say that much progress continues to be made. I am so thankful for the continued drive that I still have to keep going. In addition to working on my business I've also been diving into reading a lot more. Its really been something that's been helping me with improving other areas of my life. Going into week 4, I hope to gain even more traction in knocking out more of my goals It's a constant day to day process. I am really excited and I am looking forward to what's to come. I have decided to become my own problem solver, but in a good way. It's interesting how I have been able to take action even when I may not have all the answers. So closing out week 3 I am doing so on a high note. I will rate my week 7.8/10 why not a 10/10? That's because I find that I am still fighting being so distracted at times. So yeah that's something that continues to definitely be a work in progress. However, through this time, I am learning to continue to take action and not allow myself to talk myself out of doing things. What I mean is, say if I need to take the call or make the call rather than over thinking it, I simply do it. Taking action really makes a world of difference. Even when you may not have or know all the answers. Sis, if you are having or facing some of the same challenges - consider this your sign to take action. Just go for it. Trust your abilities and yourself. You got it.

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