H U E S K I N B | Mid Week Check in

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Hello Ladies. So I wanted to do a mid week check in with all of you to see how things are going. For me, its the top of the year, and I am feeling excited about the year ahead. I have been assertive about my time and where I place my focus. Even though I am still working on growing in so many areas of my life, I must remind myself to well, to be gentle with myself. If you are like me, wanting to get a lot done in a short period of time, remember God didn't create the world in a day and its really a journey (thats me talking to me too). I didn't realize how at arriving to HUESKINB and working to bring HUESKINB to the world is going to be a journey. I now try to view this season as just that. A journey while too also learning to embrace this time and season of my life. This season will be different and knowing so I have been continuing to prepare for the year ahead. This afternoon while getting a few things done, I came across a YouTube video of a few ladies discussing vision boards and how to do so using CANVA. So, though I have started one I figured why not, and proceeded to create one for my mobile device. It was such a great experience going through Pinterest and getting really cool ideas and looking at the millions of images to put together for my 2023 vision board. In addition to successfully completing my vision board, I've also been working on some branding updates for our company logo. Today, I must say overall has been a wonderful day. It was very productive. Anyway, how was your day? how productive were you able to be today?

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