HUESKINB | Day 1 of my Personal Challenge (1.9.23)

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It's week two of the new year. I'm still in good spirits as to how things are going. This year as part of me being intentional, I am showing up for myself. I am showing up for me. This is the year I will too take my self care to the next level. Selfcaring in a way that I had not in the past. I will of course, continue to focus on my care as it relates to my personal routine maintenance. But this self-care will focus more on me being intentional showing up for me, and really ensuring that I am prioritizing my needs, unapologetically. This is my year of really getting back to me. Specifically my wants and my desires. You know, how when you dream and you dream of that higher version of yourself? That person is the person I will become this year. So what I did, as today being my first day, I must be honest, that I had high expectations, but didn't execute entirely how I expected. Today, I manage to wake up early, went to the gym, even got dressed for the day. Was I happy with how I'd done, yes I completed the process as anticipated but I didn't fully commit. I can do better. So because this is something that is important to me, I will continue to tackle the process. I have to be honest, I did surprise myself a bit. Meaning I thought I would hit it out the park on my first day, and well, I didn't but that's okay. I will celebrate what went well. I was able to complete most of the tasks on my "to do" list that I had scheduled for the day. I think that what I will try to do differently for tomorrow is to plan my evening a bit better. Meaning, I will lay my clothing out tonight and prepping for the day ahead. Yeah pretty common sense I know, but hits been sometime since I've committed to a "structured schedule". Its a process and I understand it will take time. I plan to continue to keep going and while doing so, being gentle with myself in the process. 

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