HUESKINB | Moving into Week 2 of the New Year

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So week one of the new year was wonderful. I manage to kick off the year with lots of productivity. I am still deciding on what these blogs will consist of, as I am still figuring out how I would like to share and what to share with you all. Like do you want to know about the ends and outs of this journey? Knowing what to share and how to share is surprisingly posing a challenge. Its okay though, definitely will figure it out. In the meantime, I will share what I see fit. While keeping things both honest and transparent as possible. A lot of what I am currently doing is learning as I go. HUESKINB and myself continue to grow together. But what I have done in this new year, is a bit different from what I had previously. I have committed to every single day, taking a step of doing something constructive as it relates to HUESKINB. Its interesting all these years past, of going through life, knowing that yes I want to be an entrepreneur but not really knowing what that would look like for me. Now, here I am and though I have had my business for sometime now, I took time to really flush out and think long and hard on what it is that I truly want to do. Y'all, it took me some years to figure it out and for it to authentically come to me. But it did and now, here we are. The fact that I am here simply blogging about it is just so ... surreal. I have to acknowledge and say that I am truly grateful. Grateful for my progress. The small steps and moving forward. The dream for HUESKINB is going to be industry changing.

How am I continuing to prepare for this upcoming season? 

With focus on self care and ensuring to be at my best in health, mentally, and physically. I'm also working on staying organized. To remain healthy and of sound mind I am sure to pace myself daily, planning ahead of my week seems to also decrease the feeling of overwhelm. Knowing what I will do each day truly helps as well. 

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