The first week of 2023 New Year ... Wrap up

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This week has been so good. I am so thankful for all that this new year will bring. Currently its 11:45pm and I feel that I am now a day closer, and far more organized than the last. I would have to say too, speaking of business in general, that there are so many grey areas and things that people don't speak of. I must be honest, before beginning this journey, I considered myself fairly organized for starters, well what I can tell you is that I quickly discovered that wasn't the case. This year my goal was to to attack this process  being more organized a bit more assertive. I now have two planners in rotation along with my wall calendar in hopes to get me there. I also plan to have some hired help later this year to continue to assist in keeping me organized. In the mist of everything, I even managed to get through two books this week! As a first week of the new year, I must say it was one of success. It's been great. I also had a chance to spend some time doing a bit of self care and just taking time for myself. I realize the more that I prioritize myself, the happier I am. The more at peace that I am. And even more importantly, the more I am able to think and create. I spent weeks preparing leading up to the new year and I can honestly say, that its already paying off. I am so thankful for this season of my life and I am so excited for all the new ideas that are coming that I will eventually share with all of you.

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