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I first want to wish all you beautiful ladies and young girls a happy new year! This year has truly been a blessing, as I have been planning so much for HUESKINB for the upcoming year, I felt it was only right that I begin with a post the night of new years eve. To welcome and wish you all nothing but wealth, happiness and success in 2023! During the past few weeks of this year, I have been so intentional about what I want in 2023 and really, what I would like to do with HUESKINB as part of sharing with the world. It's really been a journey. Learning new things, discovering new ways of doing things and well, just working through the mental roadblocks all that comes with the journey of entrepreneurship. For 2023, I begin thinking about how life changing HUESKINB will be for us women & young girls around the world and how essential this brand will be to the world. I want to start by making some major commitments for the upcoming year. In 2023, HUESKINB will do its first $1 million in sales. HUESKINB will be a trail blazing brand for women of color around the world. We will also recruit our first team of employees. I also was thinking about perhaps another outlet to connect with women and young girls around the world. Like, a youtube channel? Or engaging Instagram page? We will have a general instagram page but my thoughts would be once we begin to gain a bit more traction, we could start to showcase a bit more of our journey for the world. That's still an idea as I may have mentioned before still in the air. Nonetheless, I would say, our blog will be a sure way for women to really connect with us in the meantime. This too would be the preferred way for us to connect this early in the process and then pivot over to another platform? That's one still in the works. For me personally, writing/journaling has always been something that's been a part of my life. Journaling has played a major role in my life, and well, by doing so on this blog honestly, helps keeps me to engage with you all. It's helpful in the area of accountability for me to simply put it out in the world and well, to see what happens. Whenever I get that feeling "I don't know what it means, but will go with it" intuitive thought when it comes to journaling, I do just that.

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Happy New Year from us at HUESKINB!