H U E S K I N B || Self Transformation

H U E S K I N B || Self Transformation

You know today was a really good day. It's funny how when the answers in life just finds you when you least expect them to and when you're ready for the information. Not to mention when truth can simply smack you in the face with the very information you already possessed. It's interesting because knowing you have the answers inside is one thing but when its constantly being proven over and over to you through realizations... is extraordinary. I can only be thankful that the realizations find me when they do. I truly believe timing is essential. Matter of fact, its everything. The more I grow, the more I commit to my own life the better life starts to become. Finding and navigating and really knowing that I can create and have my dream life its only me that can stop me. Nothing else. No one else. And to think I've known this forever... The other realization that had come to me was the fact that ... I was so busy living my life so "seriously" I literally forgot to have fun. Yup. Its so funny because my new group of girlfriends have really helped me with this. The invites which I am so grateful for. The memories. It's been so beautiful. It's been an adjustment. To think, I have been living life in the "chokehold" of worry and all for what? I have committed to letting go.... and really living. Living and enjoying my life. The people who I have the opportunity to share with etc... I realized today, that all this was self imposed limitations. And those same limitations that I so long imposed, I can also denounce and leave in my past. Including putting off having fun. No more. It's so important for where I am in this journey that I continue to invest in myself AND experiences. I am increasing everything this year. Everything within me has committed to the essential changes that I will be making this year. This year I am leaning in, when it comes to rest, selfcare, my happiness and elevating. I appreciate this time of my life. It's amazing. I am really feeling like my focus has grown so much. Which is such a blessing because I really want to see this gift through to share with the world. I also release worry and doubt. And trade both in for faith. 

"For so long I looked under the surface, but it's fair to understand that every once in awhile its okay to come up for air." -unknown

You know I too realize honestly in this experience we call life, no one really has all the answers. Its merely our experiences and thats OK. But we all are responsible for our individual experiences and making them the best possible experiences for ourselves. And no matter what comes at us we still can choose what we want. We can paint this life to be exactly what we do or don't want. 

With love.

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