HUESKINB | Yeah, So About Week 3 of My 12 Week Year

Yeah so about that. You know I can tell you that I am not the same person I showed as three weeks ago. When we are looking at the 12 week year however, it's 3 months (months now have become weeks, you get the point) anyway, during this past 3 weeks, they have really been truly life changing. I'm not sure that I have previously mentioned some of the things that I have manage to incorporate. As I took this approach to changing my life, I did so of course with the intention to change my life. Literally removing excuses, self doubt and just leaning in. Literally going after what it is that I want and desire unapologetically. Not worrying about competition or what the next person is doing, going etc. Instead I went inward for this one. Understand, this journey has nothing to with anyone else - only myself. SO, with that being said. I simply looked around and decided something needed to change. I went searching for answers as to what I need to do and what it will take. I have been immersing myself in books and really taking my time each morning to spend with setting my day with intention mentally, & spiritually. It's something that I use to do a few years back and somehow got away from it. I have reclaimed that time back. It's about self accountability at this point. The realization of knowing its only yourself, your mindset and actions what can hold you back... It's something that I've heard many many times before. But for some reason it hit different end of 2022. I literally took accountability and simply have decided. Decided what I want for my future. How I want to create win-wins for Women of Color and young girls (more to come on this). And the understanding was that simply, you're going to have to do something different. And I committed to myself a promise to remove all self doubt and just simply go for it. But do so with a plan and know where you're going. So after making my mind up. I begin to plan and because I was one to overly plan and sometimes get in a cycle of planning, I begin to take ACTION. I have in the past worked in some startups and even in my career many jobs, but I will say one thing. You never know until you try. A lot of the moves being made are done so on a hope and prayer. While also doing the best you can with the information you have in that moment. And then making that connection to myself, I figure well, why can't I take the same approach but in your own way? So this is where I am now. I have also a failsafe of accountability partners around me which is helpful. I will say too that its like when you are trying, you're learning and finding your way, that people are willing to help you and give you gems along the way. I have spoken to many people through this process, people that I've had to contact to ask questions etc... and I can genuinely say, that they have been truly helpful in offering me recommendations based on their own expertise etc.. I am also prioritizing gratitude and appreciation during this season as well, by showing gratitude to those around me and those that I make contact with. What are somethings that you are doing in your own life to improve? How or what have you done in the past when you feel that you need to make a change? 
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