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So with 2023 just kicking off, we have lots of planning happening behind the scenes. Last month, I made an effort to really put my ideas down on paper and really begin to push myself a lot more as it relates to growing our brand as well as getting away from the idea of having to "do it all". SO this year as I have previously mentioned, I have decided to approach my 2023 year with real intention. I am also working to restructure my days, which has been no easy feat. Total revamp - with the desire to increase performance and intention as it relates to myself, my life and HUESKINB. I am being intentional as well around my happiness during this process and building this brand. For so long, I have heard about how "hard" you have to grind and no sleep etc.. well sis, that won't be me. Not only is HUESKINB about debunking the notions of no sleep and overworking. In other words, though I am building a brand, I too believe in balance and prioritizing both self-care and my health. I realize doing so, helps me with facing my own personal challenges and helps in keeping me on task and confident on this journey. Besides, how can I serve other women and young girls if I'm personally not at my best? I am thankful for my awareness of this, and though don't get wrong I do understand the importance of putting in the time and work but I too OVERstand the importance of prioritizing my own personal health and the benefits of me doing so. With that, I want HUESKINB to be that "balanced" example for all of us. I you to know we can have it all and we can also do so while we care for ourselves. 

What's happening BTS!