Welcome to HUESKINB, where we're dedicated to empowering women and girls to shape the future. As the visionaries behind the brand, we aim to support and uplift women & girls while creating and building a new world for women. We're reimagining HUESKINB as a conglomerate of women-first, women-led, women-owned businesses, working together to create a brighter future globally. Our collaboration focuses on empowering women and girls, supporting women-led and owned businesses, and nurturing and actionably building and contributing to the future we desire. Join us in creating a women-first community where women and girls can thrive. Thank you for being a part of the HUESKINB vision. Together, we're fostering creativity and wellness, securing a brighter future for all women.

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Our Mission

To prioritizing women and girls worldwide, and we do it with compassion, integrity, freedom, and courage.

Our Goals

Our goal is to become the first globally recognized, black women-owned beauty and lifestyle brand for women of color while addressing the issue of media representation. We aim to combine black women, luxury experiences, self-care, and rest to create an exclusive brand that inspires and empowers women around the world. We believe that women of color are often pushed to prioritize work over rest, which can lead to burnout and other negative effects. As a result, we want to change the messaging we send out to women of color while encouraging women to live and create more balanced lives. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of women of color through routine and rest, and to encourage women to place themselves as a priority.

Who we are

We're a brand that unites women of color around the globe! We understand that self-care is essential, and every woman deserves a little luxury in her life. At HUESKINB, we're all about creating a space where you can be yourself and show up in the world just the way you are. Our mission is to prioritize self-care and rest among women worldwide, and we do it with compassion, integrity, freedom, and courage.

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What we do

We offer high-quality products designed to take your self-care routines  to the next level! From our exclusive bathrobes to lounge wear, sleepwear, and even bedding, we've got everything you need to relax and unwind in style. Our products are all about luxury, lifestyle, rest, and beauty, and we carefully curate our color offerings to complement brown and chocolate tones. We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin, and we're committed to providing products that enhance and celebrate the unique beauty of women of color."

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At HUESKINB, we're all about creating space and community for women and girls to thrive.

Why we do it

We believe that every woman & girl should have a space to commune, heal, create, and thrive. HUESKINB aims to create a unique space for women and girls to connect. We foster women-first spaces and communities where creativity can be nurtured.

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