About Us

As a woman of color, making time for ourselves can be a huge challenge at times; HUESKINB is here to encourage women to create space and time for selfcare and attention. HUESKINB is a beauty and lifestyle brand currated for women of color and, most significantly, by women of color. HUESKINB Is a brand created with elegance for women of color who desire to elevate their lives. What we are seeking to do here at HUESKINB is create a space for women who want and desire more out of their selfcare and lifestyles while supporting women on their growth journey. Simply creating a space that will allow women who desire to grow and elevate, we are here to walk the journey with you. Let’s be honest, as women life tends to get in the way-and because of that, we tend to neglect our selfcare and finding time for ourselves. HUESKINB’s goal is to create the desire to do just that. Through our products, our ability to connect and share we hope that we can serve as a brand in supporting and connecting with women around the world.


Or simply improving on your currently life and making it better. Yup we all have one. And we all can have that which our hearts desire. Because, honestly, why not? I am doing so as a woman behind this brand. And SO CAN YOU. Its time. It’s our time. Through the process we want to share in your wins while also supporting you on your journey, HUESKINB is your reminder to stay the course while too making time for yourself in the journey.

We are a brand highly dedicated to offering you the best beauty & lifestyle products tailored specifically to you. We want to walk with you in this journey. We are committed to seeing women win. For a considerable amount of time, and even now, the beauty of women of color in the beauty industry yet and still falls short when it comes to representation. You see, our time is now - that we as women of color, not only have a stake in representation while also creating and making space that goes beyond just advertising to women of color but taking things to the next level when it comes to ownership and employment of women of color in the industry

HUESKINB is here to offer unique products that caters to women. Our concerns of representation have been an afterthought for a long time; therefore, we want to provide women with a uniquely elevated brand that prioritizes women of color. We believe that inclusivity is vital in these communities.

Our mission 

Our mission to provide high quality beauty & lifestyle products for women of color that aid and support women on their selfcare journey. We are highly committed to filling the gap where we not only serve women of color around the world but also provide women with real opportunities. HUESKINB is passionate about reminding women they deserve the BEST in both beauty and lifestyle.

Who are we?

We are a beauty and lifestyle brand specially curated for women of color by women of color. Our name represents HUES /(h)yo͞o/ Skin Beauty does just that. We represent all “HUES” skin complexions of beauty while encouraging and supporting women on their lifestyle journey. HUESKINB combines luxury + beauty + selfcare that’s specially curated for women of color. Therefore, we decided to offer the woman of color a high quality brand. When you finally feel comfortable in seeing representation and women that look like you, everything in your life feels possible; it is like refreshing energy in your life and to the world.

HUESKINB combines beauty, lifestyle and selfcare while providing representation for women of color around the world! Let’s glow together!

What we do

We create space for women of color where we are underrepresented. Specifically in the beauty + lifestyle industries. HUESKINB is passionate about encouraging women of color to preserve and enjoy indulging in selfcare. Hueskinb provides high quality products that women of color can use in the comfort of their homes to support women.


We here at HUESKINB focus our efforts on catering to the needs of women of color around the world. We want to make our mark on the world through simply giving women a safe space to be seen, loved on and represented. We prioritize celebrating beauty and giving representation to women who are underrepresented while also showing positive representation of women of color in a positive light. Our products center around supporting women around the world while supporting these same women on their self-care journeys though our product offerings.

Our goal is to go beyond just “saying so” but also taking action in providing support and opportunities. Rather than waiting on the mainstream to give us more space- we are simply creating a space that allows us to have elevated representation where we go beyond just representation to bridging the gap in ownership in the industry. We don’t want to just “talk the talk”. We want to “Walk the walk”.

Our ultimate goal is to help other women of color achieve their personal goals. With that realization, we have made it our priority to set out on this journey and uplift women of color in a new and unique way by creating a brand that inspires women.

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We believe women around the world should prioritize self love and care.