A New Year. A New Chapter... Having My Way.

A New Year. A New Chapter... Having My Way.

2023.. This is the year for the girls! This is the year where I am welcoming higher levels of rest, new experiences, new endeavors new opportunities... New adventures! And so much more! I am really looking forward to new memories, and even traveling this year. I am approaching this new year with real intention. I believe that and as many always say, it wont be like the last. And though to be honest 2022 was amazing to me and I really have no complaints, I truly believe 2023 is the year that I will have my way. As I aim to prioritize HUESKINB and really bringing our brand to light, I am really exited to see how the brand really grows and serves women around the world. I really hope to beyond change my life but also change the lives of women across the world in some way for the better as well. When I speak about HUESKINB, I am honest in saying that the brand though HUESKINB may have been birthed by me, its primarily about the women and young girls - it's a brand that serves us all. 

Some since its helpful for me to write about my progress and how I am remaining focus, I am going to share with you a little about my day. Well, total transparency, I spent researching for HUESKINB. My hope is to eventually bring on someone who can assist with some of the very small tasks that I have but in the meantime, rather than complain about these little tasks, I will instead embrace and be thankful for my current progress, every small step. Because if I'm honest I am further along than I was even a year ago!

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