Planning for this New Year continues

Planning for this New Year continues

I've decided to make this a regular thing as far as journaling my entrepreneurship journey. I apologize in advance because there's no real "structure" to this blog just yet but I find that it would be a good way to document this journey. This process. Right now, I am still doing some planning for the new year. Yup 16 days in and still planning. I will say more so documenting as well as creating routines around my personal life, as well as professionally while also working to really get our website up and running for you all. It's become a goal to push myself to upload a blog everyday. No excuses just blog. SO if these blogs seem a bit out of order especially these earlier ones, just see them as true glimpses into raw and real as it relates to building this brand, and well, how I am working on my own life. Hopefully me sharing motivates some of you to take action on your dreams as well. If not that's also okay. So as I was doing some listening to some morning motivation this morning, it was suggested that "You write one thing down everyday that made/makes you happy." In practice, I will start here by sharing about the one thing today that made me happy. 

I was proud of myself today because I continue to remain consistent in figuring out my morning routine based around things that motivate me. I also was able to push to continue to work on my routine and persist to continue with planning and being intentional about my goals and my future. 

Given, I know that was a few things but I will be putting this into practice daily. Now, I will ask you what's one thing that you did that made you happy today? 

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